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The Elkins House Condominium is perhaps the most daring residential restoration/conversion project in all of Brooklyn. This 1850s wood frame villa, the oldest in Crown Heights and individually Landmarked, was saved from ruin and imminent destruction to undergo a stunning transformation. From its magnificent ornamental facade to the exceptional modern interior design, elegantly and sensitively woven into the flesh and blood of the historic structure, the Elkins House is truly one-of-a-kind.

This architectural masterpiece of old and new features four generously-sized, luxury duplex units, ranging from 2000 to 2600 square feet with 4-5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Each individually tailored unit captures the size, the look, and the feel of a large private townhouse.


Everywhere one looks are surprises, both in the design and materials. Interior spaces incorporate much of the salvaged original materials of the old building, such as reclaimed wood stairs and clay brick walls. These elements playfully interact with exposed steel from the new structure, while skylights and geometric ceilings in the upper units add a spectacular and warm touch. The level of finish throughout the house is superb, featuring top-of-the-line fixtures and modern home amenities such as smart lighting and gas fireplaces. 


Each unit flows seamlessly into their exclusive rear yards, front yards, decks and balconies. Even the rear gardens have the touch of the 160 year old villa, with stones from the original foundation comprising the rear garden wall and blue stones unearthed during excavation lining patios and walkways.  



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